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Real people willing to talk with you. Updated 05 September 2019.

Private Consultation on Your Options

We have a wealth of information that can be helpful when deciding on your treatment options. Contact our chapter leader, Dave Evans, Phone 309-592-3191, or email him at

Women to Women Support

US TOO:  A Forum for Her:

The new Us TOO call-in caregiver support group A Forum for Her was established for the women behind the men affected by prostate cancer. Because prostate cancer is a couple’s disease, the woman is often subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her partner. A Forum for Her is a regular call series (and invite-only Facebook group) which focuses on women and offers important peer-to-peer support. So far, the calls have been going great and we will continue to expand.

As group membership grows and we become more comfortable with each other, we will be looking for volunteers to lead smaller group calls. If you would like to volunteer to help lead a small group call, please email me at or call 877-978-7866. Your involvement would not require too much time or effort beyond the typical call length of about an hour. We would only be looking for you to lead calls, not come up with information, materials, or topics.

Whether you can lead, or just want to participate by listening in, this is a great forum for we women partners. 

In order to address very specific experiences, these calls are open only to wives and female partners of men affected by prostate cancer.

Please note that space is limited.

Contact me at or 877-978-7866 to reserve your spot and to get the call-in information!

Terri Likowski

Program Director/Support Group Services

Local Prostate Cancer Support Group Counselors

When deciding what to do, you can talk to these members of our greater Quad Cities support group who have had one or more of these treatment choices.


When considering active surveillance or watchful waiting, this video will let you know considerations made by others choosing this option: Reflections on Active Surveillance.


SURGERY (Robotic):

RADIATION (External Beam Radiation Therapy):

  • Jim Roberts: (563) 359-1502 or cell 563-940-2804 (Hormone and Radiation-2013)
  • Steve Suiter: (563) 370-2386 (2014)


  • Bill Smith: (309) 787-6788 or cell 309-230-8588 (Seeds and Radiation-2013)
  • Willis Schroeder: (563) 324-9341 (Seeds-2004)


SPECIAL PROCEDURES (Multiple Therapies):



Roger Kromphart,