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Real people willing to talk with you. Updated 25Aug2015.

Private Consultation on Your Options

We have a wealth of information that can be helpful when deciding on your treatment options. Contact our chapter leader, William (Bill) Palos, at phone number 309-799-3621, or email him at

Women to Women Support

Prostate cancer as a family disease: a woman’s perspective. Click here to read this essay.

We provide women an opportunity to discuss with other women their concerns with their loved one’s treatments as well as the impact on their own lives. To further support women attending our monthly meetings, we offer a special breakout discussion every other month. These special discussions follow our monthly speaker presentation at the meetings in February, April, June, August, and October. We invite your participation.

Our Women to Women facilitator is Kate Nenninger, MSN, ARNP (Iowa) APN (Illinois), Family Nurse Practitioner. She has worked as a nurse practitioner the past 7 years at Urological Associates in Davenport, Iowa. She also worked for 32 years as an emergency trauma nurse. Her experience provides her an ability to communicate on a personal level with men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and women. She says patient education is one of her primary objectives in work.

You are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. Write us via email on specific concerns at

Local Prostate Cancer Support Group Counselors

When deciding what to do, you can talk to these members of our greater Quad Cities support group who have had one or more of these treatment choices.


When considering active surveillance or watchful waiting, this video will let you know considerations made by others choosing this option: Reflections on Active Surveillance.


SURGERY (Robotic):

RADIATION (External Beam Radiation Therapy):

  • Jim Roberts: (563) 359-1502 or cell 563-940-2804 (Hormone and Radiation-2013)
  • Steve Suiter: (563) 370-2386 (2014)
  • Ray Castel: (563) 323-4502 (2002)
  • Dennis Brodd: (309) 526-3566 (2002)


  • Bill Smith: (309) 787-6788 or cell 309-230-8588 (Seeds and Radiation-2013)
  • Willis Schroeder: (563) 324-9341 (Seeds-2004)


SPECIAL PROCEDURES (Multiple Therapies):


  • John Shearron: (847) 263-1521 (member of Mets Mavrics, a group of advanced prostate cancer patients in the Chicago region)