Attend our next meeting listed below. Updated 04 October  2017.


All meetings are from 7 to 9 p.m except November.  See November’s meeting listing for further information.   Please check below for place of meeting and when known information about the speaker and topic and a brief professional bio will also be given.

  • We invite speakers to share with us during the first hour.
  • The second hour we invite newly diagnosed patients to discuss their considerations for treatment.

Meetings are held monthly, except for no meeting in January, February, and December.

Note:  If you have questions or concerns before the meetings feel free to contact Bill Palos, or one of our counselors as listed in our Support Group Counselors/Contact Us tab.


calendar_Clip_ArtJanuary 19 2017         No meeting.  See note above.

February 16, 2017     No meeting.  See note above.

March 16, 2017  An open forum will give newly diagnosed individuals ample opportunity to hear from other men on their prostate cancer journey, hear their stories, and have their questions answered.  Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Jardine Conference Room, 7 to 9 pm

April 20, 2017  Genesis East, 1227 E. Rusholme, Davenport, Adler Heart Center  7 to 9 pm

Dr. Lisa Killenger of Palmer College will be our speaker at the April meeting.  Her subject is Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Effects of Laughter on Health.  Please come join us for what should be an interesting evening.

May 18, 2017

Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Jardine Conference Room,              7 to 9 pm

Our speaker for May is our US TOO Chapter leader Bill Palos speaking about the following:

We have had folks ask about the history of Us Too and our local group so we asked Bill to be our May speaker – he agreed.  Asked him to cover:

  • When and how Us Too was formed.
  • How Bill and the others happened to get together to form the local group.
  • The different projects he has been involved with over the years with Us Too.
  • What he has done to set up the free PSAs in June, including his work with Metro Lab and American and Triumph Banks.

June 15, 2017  Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Jardine Conference Room, 7 to 9 pm 

Our speaker for June is Marli Apt, Bettendorf YMCA Instructor, will explain the Livestrong and Silver Sneakers Programs and the benefits of both.

July 20, 2017  Genesis East, 1227 E. Rusholme, Davenport, Adler Heart Center,   7 to 9 pm

    We will be presenting a video by Mark Scholz, MD on “Prostate Cancer Staging”.  He discusses the different stages of prostate cancer and the different treatment options for that stage and success rate of those treatments.  This video was uploaded by the Prostate Cancer Research Institute.  In reviewing the video, we were very nicely surprised by the additional detail provided on all stages of prostate cancer, including when cancer returns, and the very understandable way in which the information is shared.  Part of accepting a cancer diagnosis is a clear understanding of the disease and processes.

If you find yourself wondering from time to time how your doctor arrived at the treatment options he presented, or is working through with you, this video will help you understand that.

This video should prove helpful, no matter whether you’re pre or post treatment.

August 17, 2017  Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Room 1,                 7 to 9 pm 

The August meeting of the Greater Quad Cities Us TOO Prostate Cancer Group is cancelled.

 September 21, 2017  Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Room 1,         7 to 9 pm.

Dr Lightfoot, also with Urological Associates. Open forum on robotic prostate surgery.  The meeting is in Room 1, right behind the Jardine.

 October 19,2017 Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Jardine Conference Room, 7 to 9 pm

We plan to show a video by Dr. Daniel Fried, MD, PhD, MPH, a radiation oncologist at the Gibbs Cancer Center and Research Institute.  Dr. Fried discusses a relatively new procedure for reducing damage to the rectum during external beam radiation of the prostate.  The procedure involves an injection of a gel, called SpaceOAR, and has significantly reduced the instances of rectal damage during external beam radiation.

November 15, 2017 (Wednesday) Unity Point – Trinity, 24th Street, Campus, Rock Island, Jardine Conference Room, 6 to 9 pm  (Note:  Our meeting is on Wednesday as the Jardine is not available on Thursday November 9th or 16th.  Dr. Beth Shelly is the speaker for the November meeting.  Our annual dinner will again be held.  The cost is $5.00 per person.  Checks should be made out to Dave Huber and mailed in time to be received by November 8.  Receiving your check confirms your reservation.

Phone (563) 355-7131 or email:  davidr_huber@ or mailing address:  2903 Woodland   Court, Davenport, Iowa 52803.   Dinner will be buffet style served by Trinty Food Services at 6 p.m.

At 7 p.m. Dr. Beth Shelley will be our guest speaker.  Her office is in Moline on Avenue of the Cities.   She is a doctor of physical therapy, specializing in Pelvic Floor issues.  Specifically, she is very knowledgeable on pelvic tissue issues that are created by prostate cancer treatments, and will talk about many therapy options that are available.

At the dinner, there will be a drawing for our members to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card as our way of saying “thank you” for supporting the group and it’s mission this year.



Palmer College Health Fair, April 25, 9:20 – 12 noon, Campus Center Building

May June July

Mid American Energy Health Fair, May 16, 9:30 am – 2 pm, River Center

During the next several months till September 30st get your PSA coupon for your PSA check at metro lab. Coupons are good until October 31st.  Our organization have PSA coupons at the following places in the quad cities. They are as follows:

All Triumph Community Banks

American Bank

The men in the mexican communities have a high degree of having prostate cancer.

Other men who have a history of cancer in their family are also at high risk of having or getting prostate cancer.

These coupons are good at the Metropolitan Medical Laboratory.  The addresses of all the Metropolitan Medical Laboratories are listed on the back of the coupon.


Deere Davenport Works Health Fair, June 7, 6 am – 3 pm


Birdies for Charity.  July 10th through 16th.  Help support prostate education and awareness in the Quad Cities by making a pledge. Pledges must be received in the Birdies For Charity Office no later than July 14.  Held as part of the John Deere Classic golf tournament.  John Deere contributes a percentage to the total pledged. Thank you for your generosity.


The Freedom Run is coming on August 3rd.  We want to again support the run by being flag holders.  We will be at Mitchell Park on 30th Avenue in East Moline as in past years.  Flag holders are to be there at 5:30 pm to receive a flag and proceed to their station, which is within a block of Mitchell Park.  The race starts a 6:30 pm and generally is over by 8:00, with free food and drink available in downtown East Moline.  If interested, please provide names, shirt sizes, phone number and email address to not later than June 19th.  Daryl Reitz, a member of our group, recruits flag holders and distributes and picks up the flags after the race. More details will become available closer to August 4th.


September 24, 2017 — RUN/ WALK FOR PROSTATE CANCER as part of the Quad Cities Marathon weekend activities. Join the walk and support our efforts. See the home page for more information.  The funds from the Marathon stay in the Greater Quad Cities Region and are used to provide educational materials to men and their families dealing with prostate cancer. ALSO WE WILL HAVE A SPECIAL AWARD TO BE GIVEN TO ANY CITY THAT ENCOURAGES THEIR CITIZENS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ONE MILE WALK FOR PROSTATE CANCER.  THE CITY THAT HAS THE MOST ENTRIES WILL RECIEVE A TRAVELING TROPHY FOR ONE YEAR TO SIT IN THEIR OFFICE.  OUR SUPPORT GROUP WILL ALSO OFFER TO CONDUCT A FREE PSA SCREENING TO ANY GROUP OR ORGANIZATION IN THEIR CITY.  This year at our US TOO booth we will giving out coupons for a free PSA Screening at any Metro Lab with the results being sent to your home and during the mid day Metro Lab will be at the center doing the actual PSA screening.